Above: David at work giving the sculpture life with hand painted glass eyes.

Below: David's Latest Sculpture
Greek Mythological Modern representation.
Sea Dance is the subject of a charity donation from 2016 whereas local artist: the late Kathy Spaulding, donated her talent of a wax armature used in a bronze sculpture. Given the permission from her estate, I redesigned it for the representation in repousse you see here. This is the most dear to my heart as it shows such dramatic character of this remarkable creature...
It stands over 6' tall and speaks in volumes beauty and changes color with its ambient surroundings!
HammerHead Diving is also a lifesize representation of the ferocious eating machine which carries a "radar station" on the front of its head, giving it the distinctive look. It's one of natures most menacing animals. It's appeal to me is that is so alien, it's beautiful...also standing just over 6', you will appreciate it's natural beauty...The natural Kinetic shape of the stand contrasts the shark to show motion...
Hard at work in the shop putting the finishing touches on the form for a commissioned copper fountain of a nude
"The Embrace" Sculpture
submittal for the Orlando
Sculpture Garden
Earth's most intelligent Creature has its own dialog consisting of vowels and consonants...Making the Human Heart Smile!
40" Long
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