Learning the standard Art Disciplines while attending the University of Wisconsin in the mid 1970s my talents had led me to a fruitful career in the fabrication of Architectural adornments, which my company created over the past 30 years in Naples Florida.  As I step into a slower retirement lifestyle, my attention has been given to hand forming sheet aluminum into all facets of sculpture art. Living in southwest Florida has prompted me to represent sealife fabricating full size natural art sculpture.
Being involved in a local charity project, I was encouraged to show by the United Arts Council of Collier, Naples Art Association and  local as well as internationally renowned artists.
The art represented is hand made using aluminum sheet metal, hand formed using no modern machinery. My skill using this unique medium is an absolute labor of love, in the technique "repoussé"
Along with antique tools I've inherited over the years, I have employed my own innovative techniques and designed many of my own tools.
  I am a longtime Florida resident and have spent decades designing and supplying the Architects in the Naples area with architectural adornment products that define the Naples area in the "Mediterranean" Style.  I have also  successfully designed and build famous antique and racing motorsports accessories and parts fabricated from aluminum alloy.
 Working with this medium has helped me appreciate the intrinsic beauty of aluminum...

Above: Booth shot of Sea Life Collection    Below Left: SOUL of  ICARUS
 Far Left: SURFING DOLPHIN     Below Right:  MOON RISING

      Below:  THE EMBRACE

Why Aluminum as a Medium?

 Aluminum has a very interesting history which as to what we know, the metal "aluminum" has a very short history.
We know long ago, trace refined aluminum was found in a rare nugget form, basically by accident. When manipulated the ancients discovered it was quite mailable like gold, but very lightweight. It's widest use was as jewelry which was valued much higher than gold because of its rarity and ability to be brightly polished with resistance to tarnish.
I won't bore you with dates and names (remember high school history tests) of the pioneer "alchemists" or the various processes used which converted the raw earth elements to metal. The importance of electricity (and a lot of it) plays the key role in our ability to convert it, so the fundamental dates to look at are in the late 1880s. Since then there have been many key advances such as methods to make it more efficient to produce plus key alloying it to give it strength and cast ability.
                                         ALUMINUM in ART and ARCHITECTURE

Pure aluminum is very different from the aluminum alloy your step ladder or airplane wing you look at as a utilitarian metal. When blended with alloys to strengthen it, much of its unique character is lost giving it a dull silvery haze.
Pure aluminum, as a metal being in a category all its own, it's natural beauty lies in how deeply it refracts light and color. Think of it as a chameleon of sorts when it's in a room it takes on the surrounding ambiance, which change even by the slightest change of color, ambient light direction or where there is movement in its proximity.
Each hammer strike creates a tiny concave facet which twinkles in the light.

Aluminum is the star of the show.   Similar to COPPER, it is PURE and mailable in what it is...I just manipulate it by hammering, stretching, forming, and fusing it together.

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